LIVE Mentoring elevates the Spirit

Elevate YOUniversity provides regular group mentoring via LIVE video streaming, to encourage and uplift your mind, body and Spirit. Community keeps you on track!
LIVE Mentoring elevates the Spirit

Guided Meditations aid healing

A special section of the YOUniversity Library is dedicated to helping you get your zen on. Relax your mind, clear your energy, and get in your zone.
Guided Meditations aid healing

Here's what you get

You're never alone in your struggle with the Elevate YOUniversity Sisterhood to help you up

  • LIVE Mentoring

    Learn new Energetic Life-Hacks to make your world a little more magical. Learn how to create a YOUniverse of ease and joy through simple energy "tricks," spiritual perspectives and inspired actions.

  • Powerful Energy Activations

    It's one thing to KNOW what you want to do and how you want to show up in the world. But what about the FEELINGS and energies that sometimes stand in the way? Activate your Original Blueprint of ease + joy in each session!

  • Fully Stocked Archive

    50+ video sessions available, 30+ meditation audios, and a growing library of PDFs are just the beginning. Each weekly mentoring/activation session will be added to the archive for easy reference. Your Elevated life awaits you!

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